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FemininiTea V-Steam


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Your vagina is sacred and sensitive. With so many chemical-filled, unsafe products being pushed into our sacred spaces, it's such a relief to find a real, 100% organic solution to your feminine care needs.

The FemininiTea V-Steam is a handcrafted blend of botanicals that will soothe, strengthen, and satisfy your sensual spaces with warm, cleansing vapors.

Vaginal steaming is an ancient healing art used in indigenous cultures around the world.

Steaming is used to relieve symptoms of PMS, such as heavy bleeding, cramping, fatigue, and bloating.

It is also a womb detox, helping women who suffer from fibroids, cysts, tubal blockage, PCOS, recurring yeast infections, looseness, itching, infertility, bacterial vaginosis, and many other reproductive disorders.

Vaginal steaming is useful for toning the uterus and birth canal after childbirth and speeding the healing of sensitive vaginal tissues.

The FemininiTea V-Steam set includes:
• 3 VSteam sachets or 4 oz package of loose herbs.
• Instructions for use
• Access to the Queen Eating Plan (digital)